It is not easy to start a business, no matter where you are located: in a storefront or online. One of the first questions when one puts together a business plan is: How will I promote my product or service? With the advent of the Internet, promotion has been pushed forward by light years. Typically, business promotion used to be the job of newspaper ads, magazine ads, late night TV commercials, flyers and word of mouth. With the Internet, however, businesses can now become global in scope and reach almost immediately, with very little promotional cost.

The first thing businesses often use on the Internet is their own personal website. Businesses do not have to purchase a static IP in order to have a lucrative website. What they must have is a catchy site that will draw visitors back multiple times; a site that is easy to use; a site where customers can purchase their products or services easily. Unless the business has someone who can design useful websites, they will probably need to hire a website designer who will follow their specifications.

In addition, the website must be able to embed or include search engine optimization features: normally keywords or key phrases that will be picked up more readily by search engines and send their website to the top of customer searches. SEO has become a necessity for businesses that want to succeed in the Wild West environment of the Internet.

One Minute of Video is Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Blogging about your product and hiring people who will blog about your product using strategic SEO keywords is another strategy often used by businesses. But, with the explosion of iPods and iPads, iPhones and smartphones with the capability of streaming video, often businesses miss one of the biggest potential ways to draw customers to their products and services: video marketing. We already know that video marketing works well. Late night and off-peak infomercials exist because they pull in a large number of customers from a large geographical area. So, why not explore this advantage over the Internet as well?

At very little cost, the first thing businesses can do with their videos is to set up a series of ads on various search engines and websites. Advertising your YouTube videos on Google, Yahoo and social media sites such as Facebook is a great way to reach many people. You can even choose to buy YouTube views to kick-start your campaign.

Setting up Your Own YouTube Channel

A business may want to go a step further, however, and create its own YouTube channel complete with videos about its products and services and with videos similar to infomercials. These videos are typically made by people hired to convince potential customers to try your products.

How does one set up their own business YouTube channel? Just follow some very easy steps and your business will have its own video marketing presence on the Web.

First, your business must have a YouTube account. You can easily sign up through Google, but be sure that you login with your business email. You will need to choose your name on the account, your sign-in name and the name of your channel. Naming the channel is important because this is the name people will typically search and the name you will point to from your website and blogs.

After you create the channel and while you are putting the channel together, you should be invisible. You do not want potential customers to see your editing mistakes! During this time you can customize your channel, making sure to sprinkle your chosen keywords throughout the text areas.

The next step is to create and upload your videos. Whether you choose to create a more professional ad or a blog-style video, you will upload these videos, remembering that YouTube does not accept .mp3 format. Make sure to read all the guidelines posted on YouTube regarding the length, content and size of your videos.

Using Other Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Videos

Promoting your videos through other social media platforms can get you more views and popularity. If you already have your Facebook page or a Twitter account make sure to regularly update it with links to your Youtube channel. People generally love to watch videos and would probably rather spend time watching an interesting video than reading a long promotional article. If you think your videos aren’t getting enough views, there is an option to buy YouTube views. This is especially efficient when you are starting from scratch and don’t have much audience.

Your videos are very important because they set a tone for your business and will also be a great way to drive people directly to your website. Whether you choose to buy YouTube views for your videos or start to promote them yourself,you will find video marketing to be one of the most cost-effective, one of the easiest and one of the best ways to promote your business!

Guest contributor Aishwarya Vohra is an experienced writer who has written on all kinds of subjects starting from SEO to home improvement.