The subconscious mind notices banner ads.

Businesses who have yet to embrace online display advertising simply do not yet fully understand why they should. People do business with people and businesses they know, like and trust and those are exactly the feelings display ads create and build on.

Start with the End in Mind

A good place to start when evaluating your marketing is to think about why you are doing any marketing in the first place. What is our goal? You are working towards that end. For most businesses, the end goal is to get more paying customers. Not every action you take will directly result in getting new customers, but many will lead your customer further through your sales cycle. With this in mind, it is important you don’t shortcut your own success by being short- sighted.

Exposure Works

A useful way to think of marketing, in its broadest sense, is that it is the messaging that prepares your audience for the sale of your product of service to them. This is what display advertising does very effectively. In fact, there is a growing body of research that says that display ads can be very effective, even when their audience is not paying attention to them. It’s what researchers call, “mere exposure effect,” and what most people might think of as a sort of subconscious multi-tasking. You are consciously doing something else, but subconsciously you see the ad, and it makes an impression.

Why People Buy

As any seasoned sales or marketing professional will tell you, people buy from people and businesses they know, like and trust. Building those feelings in your customers, feeling that they know, like and trust you, is what your marketing should do. A 2007 article in Science Daily talked about some experiments that led researchers to conclude that even when people didn’t remember the content of an advertisement, they developed positive feelings as they were shown the ad more and more. The scientists relate repeated exposures to familiarity, which is one of the goals of advertising. The more they are exposed to your brand and your messages the more familiar you are to them (they know you). By crafting the right content in your messages, you can build the like and trust feelings in your prospective customers.

The “exposure effect,” as psychologists refer to it, is also something that happens with simple personal interaction. It’s that feeling you get the more often you see someone that makes you have better feelings towards them as you see them more. Think about this in your own life and you will find you have firsthand experience with this.

Long-term Benefits

The importance of these effects to online advertisers is that, while metrics are important to evaluate the relative effectiveness of various marketing efforts, being hyper-focused on conversion metrics can be detrimental in the long run. The exposure effect is something that, by its very nature, takes time to take root. Those who focus too much on short-term metrics have lost sight of the metrics that matter. Online display advertising continues to be a lower cost, higher value option than other media, especially offline ads.

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