Vantage Local — a Mountain View-based ad technology company — announced the launch of a new Swipe-to-Engage mobile ad unit this month.

Unlike existing mobile ad units — which  direct users to a landing page when the ad is ‘tapped’ — Vantage Local’s new mobile ad allows users to swipe the ad for more information without leaving the mobile site they are on.


The mobile Swipe-to-Engage ad differs from traditional mobile ad units in three primary ways:

Improved User Experience: Users may now explore additional ad content without leaving the mobile webpage they are on. When the user swipes the ad, additional content is loaded in either expanded format or within the same frame;

Engagement Metrics: Currently, engagement statistics such as hover-overs depend on mouse/cursor functionality.  As such, it was impossible to track engagements on mobile devices. With Swipe-to-Engage ads, ad interactions may be tracked on mobile devices via swipes; and

Reporting Integrity: Accidental clicks will be prevented by eliminating the ‘tap’, thereby maintaining reporting integrity and the accuracy of total ad engagements.

“The use of a ‘tap’ or ‘click’ was a convenient, but inappropriate, navigation method imposed upon mobile ads”, says Oliver Jacob, CEO of Vantage Local.  “The mobile ecosystem requires an entirely new method for navigation and tracking legitimate engagement, one that will contribute to a more accurate valuation of mobile impressions. We believe Swipe-to-Engage represents the start of a new frontier for mobile ad valuation.”

Vantage Local offers two types of Swipe-to-Engage units:

Swipe-to-Expand:The HTML5 Swipe-to-Expand ad unit expands from standard IAB formats to expanded formats and supports the inclusion of rich media features, such as video, interactive maps and social sharing buttons; and

Swipe-for-More: The HTML5 Swipe-for-More ad remains in the same IAB format frame, but, when swiped, loads a second banner ad with additional advertiser information.  An unlimited number of frames may be added before the final frame loads.

Matt Robles, VP Product Management at Vantage Local states, “We’re trying to fix the accidental click problem on mobile.  We want to finally make ad engagement meaningful for touchscreen devices”.

In June 2013, eMarketer projected that desktop-based digital advertising will peak at $35.39 billion in 2014.  Mobile banner advertising, however, will continue to rise, with expected growth of 100% in 2013 and 54% in 2014.

Vantage Local creates advanced rich-media banner ads at scale for local businesses and launches the ads on an integrated display ad platform to the local audiences that the businesses serve.  The Vantage Local ad platform creates ads with in-banner video, interactive mapping, social feed integration and coupons – all made available to small businesses.  More information about Vantage Local’s mobile expandable ad units may be found at