Banner ad formats can sometimes feel restrictive.  With such a small space, you have to really concentrate that ad copy on your most important message for the viewer to take away, so that even if they don’t click, the ad has done its job.

While not everyone clicks on ads, many people do notice them.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach those interested non-clickers with a more complex or emotionally resonant message?

Introducing Embedded Video Banner Ads

With Vantage Local’s new embedded video, viewers can choose to initiate the video by hovering over the banner ad. This way, they can learn more about your offer without having to leave the page they were on. This user-initiated action is shown to be very effective for banner campaigns, where viewers display more patience for long messages.  A recent case study conducted by the IAB showed that in-banner ads of at least 30 seconds in length more than doubled unaided brand awareness. (Download the study here).

Vantage Local now makes it possible to add your organization’s video to your banner. See the example from a campaign for wedding photography studio LA Photo Booth. This really gives a clear idea of how powerful this medium is:

Note how the beginning of the ad is a standard flash animation. The final screen shows a “play” button. Click on the play button to watch the video. Other controls allow you to expand it to full-screen mode, and even share a link to the video on social networks.

Interested to learn how to you can leverage this exciting new technology for your display ad campaign? Contact Vantage Local today!