With more and more people turning to their home computer or mobile devices for entertainment, an incredible opportunity has developed for marketers to connect with the consumer directly with engaging video ads embedded in display advertising.

In November of 2012 20% of all the videos watched online were display advertising and made up 2% of the time potential customers spent watching content on rich media networks.

Those statistics only become more exciting when mobile display advertising is considered as Youtube.com reported a staggering 25% of all views are on mobile devices, from just 6%, 18 months earlier.

Experts say these numbers will continue to climb and the time is now for you to take advantage of this new trend.

The Power of Online Video
Web-based video, and along with it, video ads, is a prime opportunity to capture your audience. Video ads are a potent, alternative to the standard marketing ads of yesterday and can more effectively convey your message and engage viewers.

Advertisers and marketers have moved more and more of their projects towards rich media advertising to enhance the effectiveness of their targeted display ad campaigns. Videos are the best for this, typically receiving the highest rate of engagement and making this option an absolute necessity in your toolbox.

As well as being able to better engage your audience, online video can also be highly focused using the same techniques of other traditional methods, capable of focusing on demographics and regional information.

Achieving Mobility
As potent as online video advertising can be, mobile videos are a surprisingly underutilized market. Mobile video viewings are typically three times longer than others and over half of mobile video watching still occurs in the home. The explosion of tablet sales and this tendency in the consumer to view portable media over traditional options will only grow as time goes on.

Mobile viewers are also more likely to share videos and spread the potential market to their friends with a staggering 92% saying they share often and 33% admitting to sharing at least one video every week. A compelling advertisement attached to the correct network or video will be buoyed by this socially powered effect.

Where to Begin
If you’re a television advertiser or already have video advertising it is simple to re-purpose your videos for mobile. If you’re just breaking into video, these days production is made simple enough to do yourself and increasingly affordable to hire out.  Here at Vantage Local, our creative service is set up to easily include embedded videos that serve from your YouTube channel, making ad views a boost to viewership counts. To learn more about how this can work for your business, contact us today.