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Advertising has a huge effect on customer awareness of your brand, so it is of immense importance to choose an ad that correctly fits the needs of your business. Nearly every business wants to find better ways to stand out from the crowd. One tried and true advertising method can be found in display advertising. Like many things on the internet, it has grown and evolved to fit the needs of local businesses, and if your business hasn’t considered giving display advertising a shot, it might be time to do so.

The Objective of Advertising

In the earlier years of the Internet, the value of an advertisement was found in generated traffic, but nowadays the most important concept is brand awareness. Essentially, the goal of any advertising campaign has shifted from quantity to quality interactions. Old banner ads were originally developed specifically with the former in mind. Unfortunately, the tricks that were increasingly used to earn clicks gave online display an undeserved poor reputation. Forcing people to view your advertisement with things like pop-ups and tacky animated .gifs very rarely leads to long-term success.

The new goal of display advertising is to draw the viewer in and assist them in remembering your product. New software helps monitor how long visitors remain on your website, what they view, and the frequency of their visits. Establishing brand awareness helps burn your brand into a viewer’s mind, and it’s the display advertisement’s job to do so.

Enhancements in Creativity

The key to a successful display ad exists in its creativity. Before, a simple image or very quick animation was the height of creativity. Now, entire videos or extended, high definition animations are commonplace. Nothing quite catches the viewer’s attention like a high quality video.

Purchasing Ad Space

Formerly, purchasing ad space was a very tricky procedure. A business would have to contact a specific website owner directly and enter a contract in order to get their advertisement on a website. Today, the procedure is much faster, with bidding platforms that will automatically place your ad on relevant sites.

Targeting the Right Audience

Today, display advertising now utilizes geo-targeting so that relevant ads only show up at locations applicable to the viewer. Compared to the previous method of showing ads wherever impressions are found, geo-targeting is very advanced. Targeting the right audience is paramount to the success of any advertiser.

New Display Advertising

The simple fact of the matter is that display advertising has changed. With alterations to targeting procedures, the enhancement of creativity in virtually all ways, and the dramatically different method of buying ad space, display advertisement are definitely worth another go. Today’s display ads are more successful than ever before, so be sure to check them out today!