A display ad campaign online needs a solid foundation in order to help increase the chance of success for both advertisers and marketers. The following are a number of steps that, if taken, lay the groundwork for a successful campaign.

1. Know Your Audience

The foundation of success for any display ad campaign is knowing all about your audience.  Before defining the targets for the ad campaign, take a look at your CRM files to get a sense of what your preferred customers look like.

2. Establish Value of Customer Segments

Segment your customers according to how much each group tends to spend with your business. This type of segmentation is key in achieving a high ROI for your campaign. With media bidding, applying segmentation that is value-based saves you money and helps to narrow the target audience.

3. Scale the Audience

If you want to have an efficient campaign, scaling your target audience to those who are most likely to respond to the ad helps you to maximize the efficiency of the campaign as well as providing savings in your overall media budget. This means that as the campaign progresses, the ad spend will focus more and more on the site placements where viewers are most likely to engage with your ads.

4. Drive Engagement with Creativity

While you may have everything figured out about the target audience in order to place ads, you will also need high-quality creativity to attract your target audience. In order to find creativity for your ads, working with the right partner who best understands the target audience and the objectives of your campaign is important.

While an audience-based campaign that is driven by data will take a little time, it can bring you much better results than more traditional forms of advertising. The main problem with businesses trying out this type of ad campaign is that they often give up before they can see the results of their work. In order for companies to have the confidence to wait a little longer for results, there must be a shift in the thinking and behavior of the advertiser.