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If there’s one thing that everyone hates, it’s an annoying advertisement. If you need to build awareness of your brand, advertising is a useful tool, but it’s important to find ways to complement the online experience, rather than compete with it. Forced redirects from ads clearly are not the answer, as very few consumers are willing to click on banner ads. Some of the best banner ads construe their point without a click. Several excellent ads can be found below, all of which make the point without the hassle.


The best part about this advertisement is its totally cheeky nature. The bright colors and witty comments keep the consumer clicking, and the lack of redirect invites the viewer’s trust. The best part? This Pringles ad gets shared, building viewership that lasts beyond its original campaign schedule.


This ad for DeLeon Realty focuses on presenting valuable information for the consumer via a video embedded within the banner advertisement. Avoiding the stigma of banner redirects and getting straight to the point, DeLeon opens with a certain serenity that draws the viewer in. DeLeon carefully respects the viewer’s boundaries, and in doing so manages to capture many viewers for over three minutes, practically an eternity in advertising time.

Audi Curves

This interactive Audi ad subtly catches the viewer’s attention with gentle white noise. Without seeming even remotely pushy, the ad encourages you to interact with the ad and at the same time deliver its message. This ad works so well because it delivers the message, does not send the viewer to some unknown page, and all the same provides a nifty gimmick to engage the viewer, who will definitely remember them in the future.

Volkswagen Puzzle

The Volkswagen puzzle ad provides the viewer an engaging, fun experience. Volkswagen’s puzzle ad does a marvelous job at drawing the viewer in, and all the same provides only a simple link towards the end to encourage the reader to learn more. The best part of this ad is that it is engaging enough to commit the ad to memory, which should be the primary goal of every advertiser.

The Key Concept

Simply put, quality advertising isn’t about forcing your viewer to look at your product; it’s enticing them to do so. In inviting the viewer to take a look, whether it is via a high-quality videos or surprising activities, you’re also providing them with the option to say no. Consumers don’t hate ads; they hate pushy ads. Let your audience know that it’s okay to say no and they’ll be more than willing to give you a listen.  Online display ads can be a powerful tool for building your brand online, but good quality content are key to getting the most out of the investment.