Brand awareness is one of the most important things you can build for your business. You want customers to recognize your brand when they see it. You want to create a specific emotional response in the viewer when they come into contact with your brand. Brand promotion is a common tactic in marketing to help create customer loyalty, awareness of products and sales. While typical marketing techniques will focus on promoting a specific product or products, brand promotion focuses on marketing the brand itself.

It is typical for companies to rely on repetition in their advertising and the same is true for brand awareness. Companies use repetition to make customers familiar with their brand.  While companies have been using brand promotion for many years, it is still relevant today but we now have new ways to apply it.

Studies have shown that customers become very loyal when they find a brand that they enjoy. They will continue to purchase from this same brand in the future. While some customers will focus on other factors such as the cheapest product or the best deal, many customers will still remain loyal to a brand they love, even if that means paying a little more for it. So how do you become that brand they are willing to pay more for? This is where we look at online advertising methods.

Online advertising can usually be broken into two categories: awareness building and direct response.

Awareness building involves explaining who and what you are. Building brand awareness requires repetition and consistency. This is where you build trust with your customer. This is a type of relationship building.

Direct response usually uses coupons or discounts. It looks for immediate action like downloading something, signing up for something, or buying something immediately. Let’s take a look at some points related to direct response advertising.

  • For offline businesses, there is some friction in the direct response funnel
  • Purchase decision often happens when the customer is away from their computer
  • Can be seen in low coupon redemption rates
  • Also seen in low click-thru rate (0.09% for average display ads)

Awareness building has a good effect on offline business but it can also work in online business, helping you to build trust with your potential customers. Display advertising is one of the best ways to do this.

Shopping analytics firm RapidBlue found strong correlation between online ads and offline retail sales, driving more shopper visits and longer time in-store.  Basically, when the customer has seen you and your brand online and feels familiar with you, they are more likely to then buy things from your store offline. This is just one more reason to build your brand awareness.

Reach vs Frequency

Online display ads are typically sold based on the number of impressions, which is simply a measure of how many times your ad was viewed. Reach vs. frequency is very important in display advertising and when determining how to run your campaign.

In advertising, the effective frequency is the number of times a person is exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before exposure is considered wasteful. Vantage Local believes that it takes somewhere between 5 – 8 repetitions of an ad for it to have a good effect on message awareness. Online display uses cookies to track new versus repeat viewers of content. This is how you will track the repetition of your ads.

It’s also important to consider the state of your business and the other factors involved in the reach and frequency of your campaign. You will need to ask these questions:

  1. How well-known is my brand?
  2. Who is my target customer/client?
  3. Is my target audience going to be easy to reach?
  4. What is the purpose of my ad?
  5. Will my message be simple of complicated?
  6. Will this be a high or low consideration purchase for consumers?
  7. How saturated is the market I am targeting?

The answers to all of these questions will help you to see how you need build a campaign using repetition and how to know who to target, when and where. If you have questions about building brand awareness through your marketing campaign, contact Vantage Local today.