The topic of whether display advertising is making a comeback or not has been debate between marketing experts.  The cost of banner ads has definitely declined in the last several years because many web surfers ignore them and even find them irritating.  You probably agree that some advertisers on the Internet took a good idea and over used it to the point of being abusive.

Most people have developed the habit of ignoring what is being advertised in an ad banner. Have you ever reached a web page you wanted to find just to have something completely unrelated to what you are looking for pop up in front of your face?  This technique has damaged a lot of brands because it shines a bad light on them.  However, the recent strategy of using remarketing to focus on higher-potential customers is beginning to turn the situation around a bit.

What exactly is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a strategy that is used to target web surfers with advertising that their surfing habits have shown they already have an interest in.  If you go to a specific web page, it’s because you are interested in something on the site.  Even though you leave the site without buying, you had some interest in the product originally.

A cookie is attached to your browser while you are on the website and it follows you around the web and tracks your surfing behavior.  Remarketing places display advertising (one of your banner ads) on the other sites the surfer is visiting. It gives the appearance that your product is known all over the web. Set a limit to the number of times you display a banner for the person to see. Remember banner overload is a no-no in cyberspace. Research has shown that if someone sees your name or business name at least seven times, they will more than likely become your customer.  This phenomenon is what is causing a comeback in display advertising.

Key Points to Remember

  • Only use ads that relate to the surfers initial interest.
  • Display the ads subtly, on the side of the web page rather than right in front of the visitors face.
  • Use a variety of different banner ads instead of a single ad over and over again. Remember, variety is the spice of life so spice it up.
  • Limit the number of times you show an ad to about seven per surfer. This has proven to be somewhat of a magic number for converting lookers into customers.

For now, most website owners are not even aware of the technique of remarketing. However, it is a successful marketing strategy in the current climate. You still have time to use display advertising to your advantage, just do it the smart way so we can all benefit from it for a long time to come.