Online display advertising is one of the best ways to quickly and affordably reach your ideal customers. Many businesses that don’t understand the importance of balancing reach and frequency sacrifice the effectiveness of their marketing by simply chasing the largest possible number of impressions. Once you understand a few basics, you can be more effective with your marketing dollars.

An Overview of Frequency

Online display ads are typically sold based on the number of impressions, which is simply a measure of how many times your ad was viewed. However, this one number doesn’t show the distinction between how many people view your ad and how many times the same person has viewed your ad. This second number is what marketers call frequency, and research shows that for maximum effectiveness, someone has to be exposed to a message 5 to 8 times. Therefore, if you have a limited budget and you want to maximize the effectiveness of your ads, you are better served to market to a smaller number of people more frequently than to just reach the highest possible number of people only a few times.

Ways of Targeting Your Ideal Customers

When you buy a Yellow Pages ad, a local newspaper ad, or a television commercial spot, you have little control over who sees your advertisements. Plus, most of these types of ads are very expensive, especially for start-up business owners. Because online ads allow you to be more targeted with your ads, you can get a great blend of reaching the right people and getting your message in front of them enough times for your message to drive sales.

There are many ways to target your messages online. Demographic targeting is a popular method of getting the most out of your banner ads. Once you determine basic demographics, like the age, gender, race, and income level of your ideal customers you can then match this up with the demographics of selected websites that have traffic with the same demographic.

Another popular type of targeting is contextual targeting. Contextual ads appear on websites based on the keywords contained in the website, which is matched up with your desired keywords. For example, one may place restaurant ads on websites that contain content related to food, cooking, dining, etc.

Whichever method you use to target your messages, by working with an advertising agency that understands how to properly implement your ads you can leave the details to the professionals and focus on running your business. Getting lost in too much detail is a common mistake many business owners make, but you don’t need to fall into that trap.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while some aspects of online display advertising may sound complicated, you should not be afraid to try them. Working with an experienced advertising professional you can develop a very solid, cost-effective strategy to include online banner ads in your overall marketing to enhance the effectiveness of your efforts.  To learn more, browse the Vantage Local website, or give us a call at 1-855-77-LOCAL (1-855-775-6225). Our experienced team of online advertising enthusiasts is always delighted to answer any and all of your questions.