In the world of advertising, there are different types of ads. There are also different types of display ads. Understanding online display in comparison to outdoor display is important. While some things have to be done differently, there are also some similarities in the two types of display advertising. Let’s take a look at some of these similarities and differences.

Billboards are placed on a road in hopes that your client drives by and looks at it…along with thousands of people that are counted that do not fit your demographics, income, geographic or gender requirements.
Vantage display ads are placed on well-known local and national websites that your potential clients frequently visit. Your target audience seeing your ad is much more efficient. It is also going to be seen much more often.

Billboards are static and visually seen for only seconds. Billboards are static and do not come alive and generally can convey only one or two quick ideas.  Plus, unless you are in slow traffic, you generally do not notice them.

Vantage display ads are dynamic and viewed longer. Vantage display ads have movement, can convey several layered messages that can appeal to your potential client and are on your targeted client’s computer for a much longer period.

Billboards are expensive and placement can be questionable. The cost of billboards is, on average, five times that of vantage display ads and some billboards have great exposure, while others do not.

Vantage display ads are place in the best optimal available areas on your prospect’s most viewed sites.  Whether on the top on the side or both, Vantage display ads will create movement and grab the attention of the select preferred audience that you wish to reach.

Billboards sometimes are viewed as a distraction and a nuisance. There can be a lower opinion to billboard ads over other forms of media. It is also considered “old media.” The average person doesn’t even pay attention to it anymore. It’s just that thing there in the background that you drive by and don’t pay attention to.

Vantage display ads are viewed by your potential clients as impressive when they see that your company is professional and dynamic enough to advertise on prestigious well-known local and national sites.  Perceptions are that you are bigger and better than your competition. Vantage is the wave of the future.

So think about it; how great would it be if your potential clients could interact with your outdoor billboards? What if when your customer drives past your ad they see it again on the next off-ramp? With online display advertising, you have this opportunity when your potential clients see your ad on the Web, but move on to another page. You then have the opportunity to place your ad (or a similar one) back in front of them once again.

What would it mean to your business to be able to get your ad targeted to your best customers and on the websites they are most likely to be surfing on already? If you have questions about online display advertising or want to know more about how Vantage Local can help you with your advertising needs, contact us today.