For any advertiser that has looked into using banner ads, retargeting is one of the most popular types of display advertising. This is the system that allows businesses to target users that have previously visited their site with online display ads as they surf the rest of the web. The idea here is to remind and encourage users to visit your site again, complete a purchase, or take advantage of an exclusive deal. We talked about how retargeting works in a recent blog post.

For the most part, advertisers have achieved excellent results from using this type of advertising. But like all types of advertising, there’s a chance that consumers may feel like it is too intrusive or unethical. So Bizrate Insights decided to find out how consumers really felt about this alternative approach.

Majority of Consumers Are Fine with Retargeted Ads

The response generated from consumers was surprising. At 60%, the majority of consumers felt neutral about being reminded about a website they have visited. Out of the 40% left, 25% of consumers actually liked these ads. That leaves the minority that did not like these ads at just 15%.

The biggest reason the majority of consumers either felt neutral or liked the ads was because it reminded them of a website or products they were previously browsing. This actually makes a lot of sense as many consumers often browse multiple sites when they are shopping. It’s not uncommon for consumers to lose track or forget about the sites they have visited, even if they intended to make a purchase.

How to Get the Best Results from Retargeting Online Display Ads

Bizrate Insights also surveyed consumers that actually clicked on the ads to find out why. The biggest reason why consumers clicked on the ad was because it displayed a product they liked. The second biggest reason was because it made the site they were already planning to visit easily accessible. Here is a link to the whitepaper:

This means that advertisers looking to invest in online display will likely get the best results from their retargeted ads. This makes sense, as it helps customers remember which it was site that they had previously seen the advertiser’s offer.

With one in four consumers actually looking forward to these ads, this is a technique that every business should take advantage of.  Contact us to learn more today.