Online display ads can help you reach people you might otherwise never be able to reach with other advertising tools. The ads have become a very effective tool for branding because of the large potential audience. Another advantage is that the details of banner ads tend to stick in the mind much better than print or television advertisements.

A One-Two Punch: Effective and Efficient

Online display ads are more effective and efficient than offline advertising. There are not many ad media that can offer both at the same time, but online display ads can. As an example, $675 will buy you 140,000 online impressions, that’s 5.5 times as many as you could buy in newspaper (25,000 impressions) and 14.0 times as many as you could buy in the Yellow Pages (10,000 impressions). It’s pretty hard to ignore numbers like that.

Another important aspect of online ads is that they are viewed by people who might otherwise discard your message. For example, people routinely throw away offline direct mail ads before ever reading them, whereas with online ads there is still a “mere exposure effect” even when people consciously ignore them. So, over time, these ads still have some positive impact.

As effective as your ad dollars can be with online ads, the efficiency with which they allow you to target your ads is also difficult to match. Online display ads can be targeted in a variety of ways. For example, if you know the demographics of your ideal customer, online ads can target them based on these criteria, making it far more efficient to get your message to the right people. Knowing where your ideal customers are is a big piece of the puzzle. You wouldn’t want to put great ads on websites that get very little traffic, or traffic that is not in the market for what you offer.

Close to Home – Geo-targeting with Local Ads

While demographic targeting is effective, geo-targeting is a very simple, yet effective strategy. Geo-targeting can target customers in a specific area, without adding extra cost and complexity associated with some other advertising methods. Advertising based on geo-targeting is expected to grow, as projections show that national advertisers are increasing their display ad spend by over 50 percent while targeted display ads by local advertisers is expected to grow by over 60 percent.

One of the reasons online display advertising is so cost-effective is the elimination of some costs associated with offline media, like printing and production costs. Additionally, since so many people now choose to get information online, you are meeting your customers where they already are. When ads are placed properly, on carefully selected sites, you are getting your message out to the right audience.

Local online display advertising is a very efficient way for businesses to reach their ideal customers effectively. Based on estimates, this category of ads is poised to grow by at least 20 percent in 2012, indicating the word is getting out about these ads as a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal. We can help you craft the right online ads and handle all the details, so you can have all the benefits they bring to the table, without getting bogged down in details. To learn more, browse the Vantage Local website, or give us a call at 1-855-77-LOCAL (1-855-775-6225). Our experienced team of online advertising enthusiasts is always delighted to answer any and all of your questions.