Offline To Online Within An Hour

Running a small business is not an easy task at the best of times, and taking a small business online doesn’t have to be a challenge that lasts several weeks.  We decided to see how easy it really was to create a website within an hour, and for this purpose we went with one of the easiest website builders to create the site.  Wix is a great little website building tool, but would it get the new website published within an hour?

Creative Website Design

The first step when creating a new website with Wix is to choose the right template, and there are plenty to choose from.  Flicking through the various templates is quick enough, and from the bold colourful designs to classy understated websites, there is a template available for almost every type of website.  A couple of minutes and we’d picked out the right template for the new website, which then took us on to the main creative part of the website which was creating the text and including the pictures that we were planning to use for the site.

Simple And Quick To Use

The main tool in the Wix website builder is the drag and drop interface that deals with actually customizing the template to create the website.  This is where we get the creative aspect of making a website coming in, and the key thing about Wix is that it makes including photos and text content simple and straightforward.  For the website that we were creating we included a photo gallery, and uploading our own material was simple enough.

Attractive Designs Without The Effort

The beautiful thing about using Wix to create a new website is that it is so user-friendly, and you don’t need to be experienced using the tools to understand what each feature does.  (For a more in-depth look at Wix, check out the review at The attractive templates meant that we were able to get a good looking website that had all the basics about our company ready to go within 45 minutes.  However, for those who are looking to spend more time customizing the templates, almost everything can be adjusted to suit the individual website.  With fifteen minutes left on the clock, we were ready to advance to publishing the website.

Publishing The Website

The final aspect of getting the website up and viewable by the online audience was to actually publish the website.  We decided to synchronize the website with a Facebook page, and within a couple of minutes we had the social media aspect to go with the website itself.  The final click to publish the website left us with enough time to make a cup of coffee before getting back to work after spending just an hour creating a stylish flash website.


Carlos is an Online Enterpreneur and part-time tech blogger. He advises people how to use social networks and online marketing tools to build relationship and increase the value of your business.