Not everyone who needs a website is doing so in order to bring in online business.  Many companies today are creating websites simply to promote their local businesses. This is where local online display advertising comes into play. As an example of how this can work successfully, this use our client Gregg Trent, DDS as a case study:

Client Case Study: Dentistry

Here is his testimonial, which you can see on our site:

Gregg Trent DDS, Owner

Dr. Gregg Trent heads a full-service dental practice that specializes in providing high-quality cosmetic, implant, and modern general dentistry in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

OBJECTIVE: Trent sought to run a short-term campaign to acquire new patients and increase brand awareness and recognition.

CAMPAIGN: Vantage Local provided Dr. Trent a complete advertising solution. First, we designed an attractive, dynamic display ad that called specific attention to the new patient offer available through Dr. Trent’s website, Next, we targeted the ad geographically by placing it only on web pages viewed by inhabitants of cities adjacent to Dr. Trent’s practice. We targeted the ad contextually by placing it alongside content related to health, medicine, and dental care. Thanks to Vantage Local’s campaign, Dr. Trent and his staff reported a steady increase in new patients responding to the practice’s online offer.

You can also see samples of the ads we did for Dr. Trent. For this case study, it’s important to understand a few important points. First, he has a local client base, in a local neighborhood. We were able to target contextually by placing on websites related to health, medicine or dental care. This is a hard-to-find advertising solution that matches the business model.

Dentists shouldn’t spend their time marketing to find new clients when they have more important things to do in their practice. This is far afield from their expertise and often small practices only have assistants. Instead, dentists should be able to focus on their business- the business of helping people- and have a solid marketing campaign that works for them with little to no input on their part.

Most dental practices are sole practitioners or work in pairs, so the marketing costs are not shared across a very wide group of recipients. This is another important fact to consider when looking at what type of advertising you would do for a dental office.

Some dentists have recently tried using daily deal coupon services but have found that these tend to bring in a more transient type of client, rather than clients who will become repeat customers over many years. It’s important to the customer to find a dentist they like that they can remain with for years to come. This also makes treatment easier and more effective, when the dentist has a full patient history. So retaining repeat clients is very important in this business.

Another issue with coupons is that they often are used to promote cosmetic services but these patients do not come back, either and are not as valuable to the practice over time. These pros and cons all need to be weighed when considering the different ways to market or advertise a dentistry service.

When done correctly, it will create feelings of trust with the customer and they will be drawn to your service where you can do your part to ensure they become a repeat client.

Do you have questions about how we can help you create a marketing plan that will work for your unique needs just like we did for Dr. Trent? Contact Vantage Local today- we’re waiting to help you.