Online marketing is now moving towards geo-targeted display ads. This paradigm shift is fueled by mushrooming handheld portable devices such as smart phones and tablet computers that are increasingly becoming smaller and faster. Internet penetration rates have significantly increased and bandwidth is now even faster, and these have ushered in new ways for consumers to connect with their local service providers more than ever.

This trend has attracted industry heavyweights. For example, in 2010 Twitter released its Local Trending Topics feature. Google has also launched Google+ local that enables small businesses to get noticed by local people living or working around them. Such features enable businesses and consumers to connect and notice each other in a manner that was not possible before. Google is today keeping track of viewer’s physical locations when conducting searches, and as a result, the company is able to provide higher search ranks to websites portraying local relevance.

Geo-Targeting and Local Business

Previously, online display ads were visible nationwide. This situation benefited national advertisers more while providing a raw deal to local advertisers. With modern technologies it is now possible for online marketers to target their advertisements towards specific audiences in specific regions. This is made possible courtesy of geo-targeting techniques.

Geo-targeting uses an IP address to determine the geographic location of a website audience. This enables website publishers to target specific advertisements towards certain regions. As a result, business owners are provided with an opportunity to target specific locations with their display ads.

Website users are also beneficiaries in the sense that the advertisement content they see is more relevant to them. This may increase the click through rates and Return on Investments (ROI) because ads are only visible to people who are likely to be interested in them.

Get connected – Go local

Geo-targeted advertising is the new trend in town due to its immense benefits, making it now possible to connect with a target market in a manner that was not possible before. Businesses have the freedom to connect with their target market in a more direct manner that was not available previously.

Enterprises should now begin to ask themselves how they can leverage the power of local advertising to boost their business.  Work with a company that specializes in geo-targeted advertising – contact Vantage Local today to learn more.

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