With the holidays getting closer, fitness gyms are ready to welcome the wave of new members. New Year’s resolutions mean starting a healthy lifestyle, deciding to break old habits and engage in a new lifestyle, and people often decide to book a gym membership during this period. It’s a set of circumstances that everything fitness gym owner could ask for. However, noticing this apparent trend that goes in the offline world, we are safe to assume that there is a lot that can be done as to capture new visitors and drive new members online. Starting an internet marketing campaign helps a lot in this case.

Without further ado, let’s delve more into the options.

1. Local SEO campaign

The fact that Google has started to favor local data makes it a very strong factor in SEO, one that every internet marketer must pay attention to. What this means is that if you are a local gym, you already have a strong advantage over national brands should you decide to develop somewhat of a search marketing campaign.

Hire some content creators and send them on the quest of writing articles for local sites that focus on fitness and healthy lifestyle among other things. (Note: relevance is the new page rank SEO goal, hence getting links from sites that are relevant to your industry translates into quite a boost in rankings as opposed to only trying to acquire link after link.)

2. Social media marketing

This is also a big part of the strategy since social is another growing factor in the SEO equation. Besides, you can easily build brand awareness, giving you a wider reach.

3. Display advertising on other sites

No matter how strong of a factor social and search play in acquiring new customers, you must take in consideration how to find your targeted audience. People who are more likely to subscribe to a gym membership are already sold on the very idea of fitness and all the benefits it offers. In translation, this means that you are better off trying to capture an audience that is already interested in fitness.

Is there a better sign that someone is interested than the very fact that they hang around fitness communities such as blogs on the net? These people are already in; they get the weekly newsletters, read tons of articles. They know the benefits of going to the gym, already know which exercises to do. Marketing is already being done for you, if you ask me. You just need to offer them the promotion directly.

The best way to do this is to arrange online display advertising and target these exact places. Remember the local factor as well, which perfectly applies here too. Target local blogs and sites rather than any site on the net, and use geo-targeting to make sure those who see your ads are close enough to act on them. Remember, you are after acquiring in-person customers who are limited by the location factor.

4. Using display advertising in combination with sponsored articles

Use this display advertising method in combination with sponsored articles on the very sites where your display advertising appears. Even if they don’t click on the advertising (though it will likely catch their eye, due to the fact that you target local and relevant sites where your informed audience already hangs around), you can convince them with the sponsored article. The display ad will be a perfect way to make the conversion possible by giving an obvious and easy way to approach your site and make a transaction.

Creating a good internet marketing campaign is all about knowing the specifics of what your client offers, what he needs, and what the target audience is in terms of location, interests, places where they hang around, which approach is most likely to sell. In this particular case such parameters are clearly outlined, allowing your internet marketing campaign to narrow its focus and increase its chance to deliver.

Slavko Desik is internet marketer working with online brands and sites in progress. He currently works at his site Lifestyle Updated and tries to specialize in online marketing for fitness and health related sites and communities.