Inbound and outbound marketing are just two different ways of gaining new customers. One is no more effective than the other – instead, their effectiveness comes from the way that people utilize them.

Outbound marketing is more about introducing a company to potential consumers and then trying to convince them to purchase a product or service. This is the most common form of advertising and relates to any advertising medium that the consumer does not actively seek out. This includes things such as radio ads, signs outside shops, TV ads and billboards on the freeway. The aim is either to introduce a company and its products or services, or to remind a potential customer of a company and its products or services. Online display advertising fits in this category, of course. A lot of online products and services have advertising campaigns that run via these more traditional methods, along with SMS advertising, email advertising, and cold calling.

Inbound marketing is about coaxing potential customers to seek out the company in question. This may be done through establishing a certain company as an expert, or creating buzz. For example, a publicity stunt may inspire a person to seek out and buy that product. Inbound marketing may be things such as blogs or websites full of answers to certain problems. Viral (buzz) marketing also counts as inbound marketing, as it is able to reach potential customers without making direct initial contact.

A solid marketing campaign should utilize both inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing of some variety is a must, since people need to be at least subliminally aware of a company before they attempt to seek it out. Inbound marketing can involve things such as giving an excellent service and being highly professional. This will give a company a solid reputation which will inspire people to seek them out through word of mouth recommendations.  At Vantage Local, we know that banner advertising is a great way to build awareness for a local brand.  Contact us today to learn more about how banner ads can be used as a component of your online marketing strategy.