What’s the recipe of a successful online business? Well it’s a perfect amalgamation of right business processes and goals, an effective web presence and last but not least, an optimized online marketing strategy. Online marketing is becoming a pivotal tool that occupies a firm place in the online toolbox of every business. A streamlined online marketing plan can include various promotional techniques- from social media marketing to online advertising to reputation management. Managing this array of techniques can be a challenge in itself, especially for small businesses. So, take a minute and read further, to ensure that you don’t make these 4 mistakes while working on your online marketing strategy.

1. Not Placing Yourself on Google Places:
You might have tried innumerable online marketing tools to place your website amongst top results on search engine results, but if you haven’t set up a Google Places Page as of now, you are surely lagging behind. It is a free-to-use tool that aids your small business to show up in search results as local customers search for a business that is similar to yours. As you claim your page on Google Places, you will be able exercise better control over your business listings and as well as improve your appearance on the organic search results from Google.

2. Missing your Local Target while Marketing Online:
For small businesses and startups, most leads are likely to come from local consumers. So if you are not targeting your online marketing campaign locally, then you are missing out. You will not only have to spend more on targeting national keywords and invest more effort in investing in those keywords, but you will also be losing out on potential customers who are looking for local businesses like yours. Making your online campaign local will enable you to reach out the consumer base that is looking for local business solutions. You are also likely to earn better returns on your investment.

3. Failing to Optimize your Landing Page for Conversions:
The main aim of online marketing campaigns is to lure customers into coming to your website. But if your website is not optimized to handle lead conversions, you are likely to lose potential customers despite all the efforts that you made in getting them there. Ask yourself the following questions as you analyze the landing page of your website:

  • Does it have precise call to action content that directs the users to take some immediate action, like contacting you or filling out a form?
  • Is your contact information prominently displayed on the top of your website?
  • Is all the important information accessible to the users above the fold or do the users have to scroll down?

Check for these issues and contact your web developer immediately to sort them out.

4. Not Keeping Track of Your Online Ads:
Online ads come with a real-time advantage: you can track them. In online marketing it’s not just the clicks that you are getting on your website that matters, but what happens after the click. Are customers browsing through website, filling out forms, and contacting you? Or are they just leaving the page after they click? Various online marketing tools are available online which can help you in tracking various aspects of your marketing strategy. This ensures that you can learn about the impact of your campaign and see whether you need to make changes to optimize it. So, start tracking your online business ads today to ensure that you reap maximum benefit out of your investments.

Is your online business walking down any of these wrong lanes or taking any of these wrong turns? If yes, then rectify them today to ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned in aptly targeting your online customers and promoting your services to them.