Building and publishing a website is certainly an important aspect of running a business, regardless of how large or small it may be. However, it is important to track the website’s performance in order to see how well it is doing. Businesses may spend money on online advertising to attract visitors to their website, however, they often forget or miss out on important tools that can be used to monitor the website’s success.

Take Advantage of Google’s Webmaster Tools

One such vital tool is Google Webmaster Tools. This free of charge utility provides a multi-faceted approach to check a website’s standing on the internet. It allows webmasters to verify the indexing status of their website and even optimize its visibility. It is a fantastic way to know what impact your website is making on the internet.

Submit and Check a Sitemap

This utility lets users submit and check their sitemap. Although this may not sound like an important aspect of maintaining a website, it is essential for Search Engine Optimization. SEO primarily deals with increasing a website’s ranking and consequently, increasing the amount of traffic it receives. Research shows that the majority of internet users rarely go past the first page of Google, which is why a spot on the first page can spell out higher revenue for a business. Google’s Webmaster Tools can submit your website to the search engine index and it can also ensure that your website has a clean sitemap so that search engine robots can crawl through the website easily. A poorly designed sitemap can harm your SEO efforts, so it is vital to check the sitemap from time to time.

Check Website Statistics Regularly

Statistics are a great way of showing your website’s success. If things aren’t going as well as you planned, these stats can guide you in terms of how to improve your website. Through Google’s Webmaster Tools, a website owner can check statistics and even view how Googlebot accesses their site. You may have certain pages on your website that you don’t want the search engine to index, so you can tell the bot to act accordingly and it will leave out those pages. This is done by modifying the robots.txt file.

View your Outbound and Inbound Links

Google’s Webmaster Tools also give website owners the option to check their outbound and inbound links. With the amount of importance placed on link-building these days, this is an aspect that cannot be overlooked. If there are a lot of outbound or inbound links from or to your website, this may also negatively affect your SEO campaign. So always use this tool to check who you are associated with on the internet. The more credible websites you are linked to, the better your search engine ranking will be.  In addition, broken links are a huge blunder that can destroy your website’s ranking, so this tool will check for broken links so you can fix them immediately.

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