In the past, it was fairly easy for business owners to advertise to their ideal clients. Most people watched television and there were no digital video recorders (DVRs) to let you skip commercials…. Print newspapers and magazines were reliable sources of new customers because most people did not have tablet computers, laptops, and smartphones. Because media consumption habits have changed so dramatically in such a short period of time, online display advertising has become a much more effective form of marketing.

What is Display Advertising?

An online display ad appears on a mobile phone or computer screen, usually while people are browsing their local news websites. Because people tend not to read actual newspapers any more, the only way for publications to survive is to put most of their content online. This benefits entrepreneurs who want to target people in specific geographic locations with local online display advertising. While, television commercials still exist, about 88 percent of DVR users fast-forward through the commercials, giving online ads a distinct advantage.

Global Media Consumption Per Week By Medium

Global Media Consumption Per Week By Medium

Getting Started

You do not need a website in order to take advantage of online display ads, though it certainly is helpful. With the help of an experienced advertising agency, you can quickly and inexpensively get a banner ad online. The banner can encourage people to come to your brick-and-mortar business. One of the best ways to get people to remember your company is to offer a one-time special. For example, if you run a restaurant and do not have a website yet, then offer customers who mention the ad 10% off of their bill.

Targeting Younger Customers While Staying True To Older Patrons

About 45 percent of the world’s Internet users are under the age of 25 and will continue using the Internet as they grow older. Thus, your online display advertising campaign should appeal to young people as much as possible. Focus at least some of your banner ads on the benefits you can offer this set of customers. Late hours, complimentary wireless Internet access, discounts around holidays, and anything free can help you lure in these technology-savvy individuals. However, do not forget about your older customers as you design your online display ad campaign. Encourage them to come visit with their children or grandchildren by offering family-oriented specials on your banner ads.

Getting Help

You probably feel overwhelmed, uncertain of whether local online display advertising is really such a good idea. After all, there are indeed billions of ads out there. It takes a lot of time, technical skills, and marketing know-how to get your online display ads to stand out from all of the others. Fortunately, we can help you get started right away at a very low cost. We can even target specific zip codes if there are certain neighborhoods from which you would like to get more business.

The Bottom Line

You probably already knew online marketing was something you should start adding to your strategy. What you may not have realized, which has been validated by research and real world results, is just how effective online marketing is. People have become much more particular about where they spend their money and a quality online display ad can literally mean the difference between a booming business or going out of business entirely.

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