Use seasonal strategies to improve your advertising Online seasonal advertising has become as critical to business success as a good year-round marketing campaign is. Depending on the niche you are in, you need to study the trends that affect your sales figures and use those trends to help you increase revenues.

For example, if you have a retail children’s clothing store, you need to gear up for the back-to-school seasonal advertising campaign around the end of June or the first of July. If you wait any longer you will miss the boat.  Look at tools like KeyWordSpy Time Machine to determine the highest paying key words used by your top competitors. Use these key words for your marketing campaign. The Time Machine will give you months worth of advertising information. It is kind of amazing to think about how professional seasonal advertising campaigns have become for all types of businesses.

Seasonal advertising campaigns for your business are more important than ever before. Everybody shops online sites before they even go into a regular store these days. Even in-store shoppers come prepared now. You may be producing steady returns month-in and month-out, but it’s those huge kicker season’s that will make you wealthy. You can’t just sit back and let the wind blow you hither and yon. Look back and see what has been working in the recent past. Think it might work again?

Things Have Changed – Get on Board or Go Home

You may not believe that you can really take the bull by the horns and boost your overall revenue results with a good online seasonal advertising campaign, but just think about this; have you ever needed a specific product right away and don’t know where to find it or where to find it at the best price?  What do you do? Check online before you waste your gas driving from store to store. You must research what is happening in your specific sector of the market. Look at what the successful businesses in your niche have done to take advantage of this type of advertising.  There is no shame in imitating the successful people.  Everybody does it.

If you sell retail items, Christmas is not far away.  You will find that adding a few key phrases to your promotional ads will do wonders. Would you be more interested in buying around Christmas time when you see the phrase “free shipping” in an ad? Sure you would. You would be thinking, “wow! if I can save $12 on shipping costs, I can really stretch my buying power and I can save time by not having to run to the retail outlet.

Just keep in mind that the bidding for keywords will be very competitive. The more relevant your key words are to the season the better you will do. Remember that consistency is the important issue in running a good seasonal campaign.

One of the major benefits of seasonal advertising campaigns is that the season serves as your hook to pull people in.  The Easter season can be used as the hook for pulling people into a clothing store so you can “get your Easter outfit.”  The summer season could be the hook for getting people to join the gym so they will look great at the beach. By properly using seasonal campaigns you can save time and money by targeting only those people who are likely to buy your product.  If you are not on board yet, the train is leaving the station.