In recent times, a type of internet marketing called local marketing has made its mark in increasing the exposure of businesses of all types and sizes. You don’t necessarily need to hire a specialist, if you apply these basic local marketing strategies to your business:

Claiming Your Profiles/Pages

Free local business listings are offered by many sites, with Google, Bing Local, Yahoo! Local being the top three. A few other good sites are AOL local, Ask City, Citysearch, Foursquare, Infospace, and Yellowbook. It is as simple as entering your basic business data on their service and validating your identity. With that, you have claimed a profile page on their site, which is the first step in establishing your presence on the local marketing scene.

Entering Local Contact Information

It is essential to list local contact details such as your geo-physical address and phone number, so that people who view your listing know where your office is based relative to their home or workplace. Most people local business more credible if they provide a local phone number and address. A P.O.Box number as the address would be of no use; neither would an 800 number. Local contact information also ensures that search engines display your business in the results of any relevant query entered for your area. Not doing so means running the risk of losing potential customers to competitors with a proper listing.

Basic Search Engine Advertising

Large search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo offer DIY search engine advertising basics that you can easily follow. Smaller businesses can start off with Google and then expand to other sites. Google Adwords enables business owners to make a foray into search advertising without the technical know-how or large funds. You can set up an ad budget without a minimum limit. With the simple instructions on Google’s help pages and ample demonstration videos on Google and YouTube, you will be on the online advertising bandwagon in no time.

You then need to study and identify the tactics that will be most suited and practical to your business. If there are advanced technical advertising strategies involved, you can enlist the help of a quality agency. This will also give you more time to concentrate on other areas; as the old adage goes, you can work “on” your business, not “in” your business!