The newest marketing tool successful websites are using to increase their conversion rate is called remarketing. It sounds a bit strange at first but it works. Most people who visit a website will move on quickly and probably never return. What a waste! These people were obviously interested in something on your site or they would not have been there in the first place. With remarketing you can follow them around the Internet and remind them of what you have to offer. This will help bring them back to your website. Many of them will become buyers.

How Does Remarketing Work?

When a person visits your website a cookie is created on their browser. It may be for a specific product on your site that they looked at or just your website in general. When they leave your site, the cookie follows them to other sites they visit. One of your banner ads will appear on these sites as a subtle reminder of you. Even if they go to major company sites your ad will appear. This makes you look like one of the big players in your field. Soon you have developed brand recognition with this one person. When you have hundreds of people visiting your site, the branding is on auto-pilot. Studies have shown that around 70% of these people will become your customers.

Benefits Of Using Digital Marketing

  • Automation: You don’t have to do anything once you have Remarketing set up on your website.
  • Branding: One of the fastest ways to build brand recognition online.
  • Increase your conversion rate. People need to see your name on average around seven times to make a purchase decision. Set your frequency count to give them just enough reminders.
  •  Remarketing has been proven as an effective method of increasing a websites bottom line.
  • This method of marketing uses the inverse selection strategy; the customer choses you.

You can run several different remarketing campaigns at the same time. Suppose you promote tickets to sporting events. You can use banner ads that offer discounts to specific events and use these ads for people who visited the tickets page. If someone else visited your sports memorabilia page, use an ad that offers t-shirts with team names on them.

Digital marketing can increase not only your sites name recognition and revenues, it can help you build strong customer relations. By keeping in touch with your visitors and letting them know about ways they can save money or benefit in another way from your product you will soon become their go-to source.

In the past companies had to spend huge sums of money to develop brand recognition. The Internet has made the process automatic and far less expensive. Now even small budget companies can afford to get the name recognition to compete effectively. Digital marketing is a new concept but one that is here to stay. Most websites don’t even use the technique yet. There is still time to get a jump on the competition.