Contextual targeting is a technology that places your display ad on web pages whose content matches your business’s product or service. Unlike basic keyword matching between page and ad, Vantage Local’s contextual targeting technologies identify patterns of data on web pages and associates these patterns with linguistic categories. The process transforms the unstructured content of a website into monetizable opportunities for your display campaign. We start by building out your target audience profile (Age, Gender, Income, Interests, etc.). Then we use this information to select content categories that match your marketing focus and that complement your business / brand. Finally we put our technology to work by pushing your ad on to web pages whose content maps to your particular demographic.

In an article published in April, 2011, Yahoo researchers revealed experimental data about how contextual and personal relevance raises online display ad success rates. Researchers found that the “time to first fixation [the time to first notice an ad] increases by 15% when ads are contextually relevant…[increasing] the chances that the ad will be stored in long-term memory and ultimately [leading] to higher recall.” They also reported that “contextually relevant ads elicit an emotional response that’s almost twice as high as those” that are not contextually relevant.

Benefits And Rationale

  • Optimize the effectiveness of your ad campaign with contextual targeting: Priority one will be to map out the geographic location you have selected – using a technology called geotargeting. Then our contextual targeting engines go to work; analyzing web content 24/7 looking for relevant sites to place your ad on. As new content is developed, our tools find, match, and place it.
    Your ad is always relevant to potential customers: Contextual targeting pushes your ad only on to websites (from newspaper articles to “user generated content” like social media sites) whose content matches your product or service.
  • Protect your brand from objectionable or inappropriate content: The same technologies help us avoid websites with profanity, mature content or negative news that could harm your brand. We go beyond keyword matching to avoid “ad fails” like advertising about airlines on news sites in the season around 9/11.

Contextual targeting provides page-level analysis of web content so you can control your ad placement to meet standards of quality, safety and content. The high relevance of your ad improves your campaign performance and increases user engagement with your ad. ROI on your marketing spend increases by targeting users with active interest in topics related to your business’s product or service.