Visual advertising doesn’t always mean that you’ll be getting a visitor clicking through to your site. In fact, some of the best advertising is banners that get the point across well without anyone having to click anything. Redirects can be annoying; it hijacks the Internet user’s experience and can turn people off of your product instead of making them interested in it.

Banner ads don’t always need a click to make their point. Think of it like billboards on the highway while you’re driving except you don’t risk veering into the other lane when you take a moment to look at them. Let’s have a look at some banner ads that make an impact and catch viewers’ attention without requiring them to click.


This Pringles ad does call for some clicking but it’s not flashy and obtrusive and it doesn’t redirect viewers. This is a fun advertisement. It’s hip and catchy, interactive and best of all it doesn’t take you anywhere you don’t want to go. It’s always a treat to find an ad this innovative and fun; kudos to Pringles for thinking outside the box and providing a great user experience!


Video ads are becoming more and more popular with viewers as well as with companies looking to advertise, due to the positive results they bring. These DeLeon advertisements are nice, unobtrusive and don’t redirect you somewhere strange. You get the full effect of what they want to share right on the ad itself. When you want a classy and sophisticated form of advertising, you may want to consider a tasteful video advertisement.

Audi Curves

When it comes to interactive advertising, the Audi curves ad is one that definitely gets attention for all the right reasons. All of this interaction without a redirect or click to another website is rare! This fun ad lets you turn the steering wheel and watch the page move as if you were taking a curve. It’s catchy, it’s fun and it makes the point clearly without ever sending you to the Audi site. Most Internet users today are looking for something more in their advertising experience and that’s what they get with this ad.

Volkswagen Puzzle

The new Volkswagen Gold ad is fun! You get to interactively click sections of the road to let the Golf drive. It is a simple vertical banner but each section moves and lets you solve a puzzle. This is a great example of showing that the company knows what people like. Internet viewers like puzzles, interaction and no crazy redirects unless you choose the option to discover the new Golf. You can even try again if you don’t solve the puzzle the first time. How many minutes of your day will you waste playing with the VW Golf ad?

Learning from Examples

In the quest for effective advertising, it is a challenge to find ads that viewers will enjoy, that get your message across and don’t hijack their Internet experience. These four are excellent examples of companies and advertising campaigns that are out to gain their customers’ attention and loyalty by not sneakily redirecting them just to gain a “click” through visitor to a website they have no desire to visit.

Patience is not something that Internet users are known for and having their browsing interrupted by an inadvertent redirect is sure to upset even the most casual user. With a bit of creativity your company can have this type of fun advertising campaign that doesn’t require clicks.

What are some memorable advertisements you have seen? What can you learn from these about your own banner ads?