Given the immeasurable success of online marketing, hundreds of companies are jumping on the bandwagon and taking advantage of the many features of social media to enhance and strengthen their brands image. However, make sure you do it correctly. A Facebook page or a new website does not guarantee you instant success. Ensure that you’re avoiding simple and easy to correct mistakes with these tips on branding your company online!

1. Stay Relevant, Current and Fresh

It’s all about increasing your ranking on search engines- this is your gateway to heightened exposure to a greater number of people- people who are potential customers.  With this in mind, make sure the content you are posting on your site is relevant, current and fresh. You really need to be going the extra mile and ensuring that you’re giving your customers a reason to come back. Attract them with interesting sub-headings, posts and subjects that will intrigue and inform.

2. Don’t Over-Share

Avoid going over board with incorporating a personal edge. Mini bios are perfect- but stop there. Your customers aren’t going to want to see photos of your family on holiday. Be weary of making yourself the subject, keep it professional. Customers trust a professional touch, so stick to minimal personal information. Stay friendly, but do not over share.

3. Pick a Short, Snappy Domain Name

Your name domain (the URL that people type into the browser address bar) is really important. No one will remember a really long, wordy and difficult to spell name, so don’t pick one. Make it short and snappy- something that they will instantly remember without having to go through a grueling Google search.

4. Creative Design is Crucial

Don’t cut any corners with your design. Many companies falter when it comes to design, regarding it as merely an afterthought to the process, when in fact design should not be ignored. Design is what instantly creates that crucial first impression that will divide opinion one of two ways. You need to be spot on with the design, it really needs to carry your voice and image as a company. Consider the colors here, the typography and the use of images- all these elements construct a look and an identity that should mirror your brands values and voice.

5. Stay Up-To-Date With Technology

Whatever you do, do not use out of date software. Nothing cries unprofessional louder than simple mistakes likes these. You need to impress your customers, and by using out of date software you’ll be more likely to turn them away. Staying current and fresh is a mantra you should apply to all aspects of your online presence- particularly the software you’re using. If you want to be taken seriously, project an image that demonstrates that you’re very much on top of modern and new technology- an image that customers can trust.

6. Watch Your Budget

If you’re a small business cutting back budgets here and there is more than often your only option, but be cautious of the fact that you can only cut back so much before it becomes apparent to the customer. Don’t let a small budget jeopardize quality and professionalism. Know your limits and be smart about it! We live amidst a world of technology that can just about account for any function or service we need, without half the effort, time or cost. There are a range of apps out there that can save you money, such as Expensify which takes care of the grueling

 task of expense reports and tracking finances- to be downloaded for free!

7. Sync With Social Media

Sync up your social media profiles with your websites. People like to know that brands are engaging and legit – and syncing up your social media is one the easiest and most hassle free ways to do this. Make sure your logo is the same across all platforms too – so that people know they’re looking in the right place.
Elle Rose-Williams works with Who Is Hosting This as a technology writer and social media writer. You can find out more about them here.