As the popularity of YouTube and other video hosing websites continues to increase, video marketing plays a central role for businesses. There are many reasons which explain why your business should embrace video marketing and here are five of them. Whether you are new company formation looking to grow your presence online or an existing business seeking to improve their traffic levels, there are several benefits that video marketing could offer.

High ROI

You don’t have to hire a professional video production company to shoot a video. If you want several videos which can be uploaded onto a business’s website, it can be very expensive to do so. However, as many smartphones have built-in video cameras, it is very easy to shoot footage for a video yourself. Many apps can be downloaded which enable smartphone users to edit footage themselves.

Once a video has been uploaded onto YouTube or a business’s website, it could be found by web users. As a video can create many leads which could convert into sales, its ROI (Return on Investment) is potentially very high. This is because you might have only spent a couple of hours on shooting and editing a video. Although a video production company could be hired to shoot videos which profile large scale projects, you don’t have to hire them every time a video is needed for your website.

A lot of traffic is derived from videos

Web experts believe that the vast majority of web traffic is gained because of videos. When a website has a video, there is a greater chance that it will be found. Even if a website only has a video which is half a minute long, it is four times more likely that it can be found on a search engine.

A bounce rate can be reduced

If your website has a high bounce rate, this should be improved. Even after you have looked through all pages, you might not be sure why this happened. After all, content could be very good and is worded exactly how you want. Videos can reduce your website’s bounce rate. This is because when web users are able to watch a video, they are less likely to leave your website. To reduce your website’s bounce rate further, short videos could be put onto each sub-page.

Search rankings can improve

If your website has a low search ranking, it could be very difficult to find. However, videos can help because the search ranking of your website could improve. When your website has many videos, there is a greater chance it will be found. In a video’s description, you could include the keywords which you want your business to be associated with. Therefore, when someone searches for such keywords, your video can appear highly on Google, Bing or any other search engine.

Links can be acquired from social media websites

As millions of people have joined social media websites, more people can see your video if it is shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If your video has a ‘hook’ which appeals to potential customers, more people will view it. By utilising as many social media websites as possible, the traffic levels for your own website could rise.


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