Videos are becoming a common tool for both content marketing and display advertising.  Today, we bring you a guest post from Micah Abraham of Great Leap Studios on how to get more out of your business videos.

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The world of SEO is changing. Only a few years ago, a website with a keyword-specialized domain name and articles repeating similar keywords could compete with limited backlinks and a hastily thrown together web interface. Now, search engines have become so advanced that they can differentiate between high quality websites and low quality websites simply through the quality of their content while simultaneously ranking the website for a relevant keyword using their highly intelligent algorithms.

This change has prompted a renaming of the SEO industry. What was once “optimizing for search engines” is now known as “content marketing,” because each search engine algorithm change seems to indicate that quality content is nearly all your website needs to improve its search engine rank.

The Basics of Content Marketing

Content marketing is mostly about words. Search engine algorithms process trillions of words a day, because current technology is only capable of analyzing written content. But while words are important, there are many indications that Google, Bing, and other search engines are learning to value websites that also provide other types of content – most notably, video content.

These algorithms can’t tell what’s on the video, because that would represent a level of artificial intelligence that not even Google is likely to reach for decades. But they do appear to value video in general – both on YouTube and on your website – and that means that there is considerable value towards looking at video marketing strategies.

Video marketing is complex in that there are so many millions of videos posted to YouTube and other file sharing platforms every day that you can no longer simply “create” a viral video. There’s too high a likelihood of the video being drowned out by the waves of new video content uploaded regularly. But there are ways to increase both the value of your video content and the likelihood of seeing returns from the time you spend on these videos.

For those that are considering video marketing, here are some tips and strategies for improving the success of your uploads:

  • Add Relevant Words – We mentioned that these algorithms can’t literally read what’s on your video. But they can read what’s written about your video, or on the same page as your video. When you upload a video to YouTube, give it a keyword oriented title and a description that accurately describes what’s in the video. This will increase the likelihood it shows up in both Google searches and YouTube searches, which increase the chances of getting viewed.
  • Complement Articles and Posts – You’re already creating articles, blog posts, and possibly even news reports on your website. Create videos that compliment these posts. Videos are a great way to engage the audience beyond the content on the page, and every time they visit the page on your site, they’ll also add another viewer to your video count. You can easily re-use these videos too if they represent a good complement to something you’ve written about. For example, a video primer on what “Video Marketing” is when you write a post about something specific related to video marketing.
  • Be an Expert – Your videos are designed to market your products and services, but they also need to draw in people that are looking for answers to relevant questions. A dog jumping on a trampoline may become a viral sensation, but it’s not going to get you targeted visitors. At the same time, a video where you simply talk about something that isn’t relevant to many people may be more targeted, but is less likely to get hits. The happy medium is somewhere in between – things like “How to” videos related to your industry, but with the potential to attract a larger audience, have the best chance of catching on.
  • Upload Everywhere – Every video upload directory uses a different search algorithm. When you just upload to YouTube, you’re banking on the hope that the YouTube algorithm will rank you well for search. That’s a bit risky. Instead of just uploading to YouTube, upload to every video directory you can. Daily Motion, Facebook, Vimeo – these all allow you to upload your video and increase the chance that someone, somewhere, will notice it. If there’s a place for you to post it (including banner advertisements, etc.), you should use it.
  • Update Regularly – Video content is content like any other, and more content is always better. Keep a regularly updated YouTube channel, so that you can gain followers, improve the chances of any single video providing you with potential business, and potentially increase your rank in these video algorithms. Not sure what to make a video about? Simply look at anything related to your industry (or a blog post that you’ve already written) and turn it into a video. You’ll keep your video channel constantly updating and increase the chances of attracting viewers over time.

Video marketing is a content marketing strategy like any other, but one that involves a bit more strategy and a bit more commitment. Many good videos have been lost by those that only create a video or two and expect immediate success. Video marketing is more of a long term strategy, and one that requires you to utilize every possible avenue toward making it successful.