Out of all the myriad of options that are available for online advertising today, banner ads tend to get a bum rap.  But the bad reputation they have earned is rooted in their past shortcomings and largely ignores the fact that display advertising today is an entirely different medium than it once was, and has been shown to be extremely effective. Below are three of the many reasons why banner ads rock, and why any online advertiser should consider using them.

Reason 1: Creative

Banner ads offer a unique opportunity for marketers to get in touch with their inner creative side. Banner ads of the past offered extremely limited creative possibilities.   But new rich media tools like flash animation, high-def ad technology, and embedded video have opened up new avenues for advertisers. These encourage creative innovation, as opposed to many advertising mediums that are very cut and dried like search ads. This opportunity to get creative not only gives any marketer a chance to have great success, but also gives them a chance to increase their brand awareness in an interesting way.

Reason 2: Targeting

Banner advertising today is extremely targeted, which is another way that it has changed in recent times. In the past, marketers were restricted in a way because their advertisement had to appeal to the wide audiences that could be found with run-of-network ad buys. Today, banner ad campaigns can be targeted to more specific audiences through the many tools available for display ad targeting.  These include being much more selective of the sites that ads get placed on, being able to geo-target viewers within specific geographic areas, and inserting ads based on either viewer behavior or on contextual subject mapping.  This ensures that only people who are likely to be interested in the message of an advertisement will see it, making it much more cost effective.

Reason 3: Analytics

Display advertising today gives users the ability to track and manage their campaigns closely to ensure that they are as effective as possible. The metrics that are available go much further than just click through rates on ads, and can be a huge difference maker in the success of any display campaign. Those who think that the days when display advertising metrics involved nothing more than mere displays and clicks are sadly mistaken, and are missing out on some great opportunities.

These are just three of the many reasons why display advertising is a great way for any business to advertise today. It is closely targeted, a great way to go for those who want to get creative to do so, and able to be analyzed closely in order to make tweaks that can bring any campaign success.